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Below FAQ includes all features and upgrades for our new website.

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With this feature, you can quickly upload a purchase order exported from your inventory management software. No more time-consuming adding products to the cart one by one.

Step 1
Click the “Options” dropdown list and then choose “Upload CSV file”.
Step 2
You can either upload a CSV file or directly copy & paste your data of sku & qty.
In your order interface, you will see “View & Download Invoice” under your shipping address. *Please note the invoice will not be available immediately after the order is placed. It will be available once your order is dispatched.
You can save a shopping list to save your shopping cart in case the cart will be cleared due to cleaning cookies.
Most of our items come in 2 or 3 per case/box. When ordering these items, a minimum order quantity is required.
This will make sure our products are shipped in their original packages with proper protection and reduce any excessive packaging.
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